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A better way for your customers to order

Askemma: Online ordering on your website or Facebook page


Online ordering on your own website

Askemma QR code: let customers order by scanning a QR code at the table


without app

Make it possible for the customer to order by scanning a QR code on the table.

Askemma: organise your delivery


Organise your own delivery via the Ask Emma management interface

Why clients ❤️our product
We offer Ask Emma as the go-to channel for take-away in all of our 11 restaurants and this for already more than 2 years. The tool is bloody simple and our customers use it every single day.
Thomas Memurlin
CEO Huggy's Bar (resto chain)
Ask Emma provides a very intuitive and stable integrated ordering solution for us, interacting directly with our POS system. We benefit on an operational, workflow level, but were also able to further digitize our sales channels very quickly via Askemma. And their roadmap looks very promising, so we decided to do a full roll-out of the software in all of our 15 Belgian restaurants.
Joachim Verlinden
Chief Marketing Officer Ellis Gourmet Burgers (resto chain)

Powerful features

Ask Emma is not 'just a webshop platform'. It is part of a total solution supporting your restaurant business with the capabilities to put your customer in the center of your attention.
Askemma: menu bundles for online ordering and take away
Menu bundles
Do you offer menus? Course 1, course 2, course 3? In Ask Emma you can recreate this experience for your webshop, and link it with your cash register.
Askemma: software for upsell on online ordering and take away
Easily define upsells in the Ask Emma administration interface. Allow the customer to add products that combine the ultimate flavor experience.
Askemma: online ordering, promotions and loyalty for your restaurant
Create display rules on the fly
Do you want to hide certain products in the evening? Do you want to give an automatic discount during happy hour? Do you have a "wacko Tuesday"? Via the Display Rules functionality you can steer what your clients will see.
Askemma: smooth management of multiple point-of-sales
Master & subaccounts
Do you have a chain of restaurants and do you need a centralised product, shop and order management? With Ask Emma this becomes a breeze.
Askemma: keep your customers coming back with online vouchers and loyalty actions
Define vouchers or coupons with a fixed value or with a percentual discount and the ability to indicate in which period the vouchers are valid.
Askemma: optimise your kitchen operations
Delayed sending into your POS
Orders done several days upfront can be shot into your cash register on the day of pickup / delivery
Askemma, optimise your staffing
Adapt workload and capacity
You can change the workload and capacity of your kitchen and the orders they are able to do, at your own request. . A handy app lets them change the status immediately.

Stay in control

We help you in the restaurant to better serve your customers, even in the moments of heat.
The Sayl Store Manager App is your guide.
Snooze products
Don't have a product available anymore? Are your modifiers out of stock? Take our app and snooze the products and modifiers in a matter of seconds.
Askemma: software for upsell on online ordering and take away
Follow your orders
Every digital order can be followed in the SSM App, with all details necessary to serve your customer.
Askemma: online ordering, promotions and loyalty for your restaurant
Re-push orders to your cash register
Did you have a problem with your cash register and did the order not arrive? Manually re-push the orders by simply tapping a button.
Askemma: keep your customers coming back with online vouchers and loyalty actions
Manually delay or stop orders
It's too busy in your restaurant? Delay an order manually in the App, and your customer gets automatically an email about the delay. You can even decide not to take online orders for a while.
Askemma: smooth management of multiple point-of-sales
Re-assign tables with QR stickers
Do you use QR stickers on the table? Use the App to re-assign them to a table.
Askemma, optimise your staffing
Auto-print failing orders
You count on your cash register for all orders, but you notice that sometimes it dares to drop an order, leading to unhappy customers. No fear, Sayl Resto will auto print the failing order right to your printer.

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